It is always welcoming to hear stories of triumph over adversity and it is especially rewarding to us at CKL and MTRE to hear of the part Criticool played in the story of Bruno as told by his parents
Bruno was born at the Bristol Southmead Hospital almost 2 years ago and was one of the first babies treated with Criticool and the ThermKid wrap, it would appear he has made a total recovery thanks to the care provided by the hospital and the Neuro Protection provided by the Criticool system in the first hours of his life
Our boy Bruno was born by emergency caesarean and amid the whirl of activity lay our boy being treated for a lack of oxygen and a faint heartbeat.
After being resuscitated our boy was rushed off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Grave faced doctors arrived; talking about cerebral palsy and other words that filled us with fear.
Our baby was wrapped in a haze of wires and a little white jacket that, we were told, could help protect him from many of those scary words the doctors had been touting earlier.
We were happy to know that he was receiving all the very best modern medical care money could buy.
We now have a very happy healthy normal 17 month toddler, who is as mischievous and boisterous as any parent could wish for.
Anna and Barnaby K
Our thanks to Anna and Barnaby for allowing us to share their joy